about us

The Starry Eyed was established in 2014 by three sisters, Ayley, Hannah, & Sadie Johnson,  who were chasing more opportunities to create art, to dance, & to connect with local dancers in the community. They created an annual contemporary dance project that operates during the summer & evolves based on its members, current events, & the stories that are touching their lives during that season. Each season has consisted of dancers between the ages of twelve and twenty-nine, from those still training in the studio to those who haven’t set foot in a studio in years, & has dancers with professional company contracts & college degrees working alongside dancers whose resume’s include one year of drill team or who are still years away from thinking about any sort of college program.

Because of the nature of this project, we are able to bring dancers from many stages of life, different steps in their career, & with many different stories to tell all together to create something powerful & unique that might not have otherwise existed in this vast world of dance. Within the span of our summer seasons, we have created shows with up to thirty dancers that have consisted of up to twelve unique works, sometimes with only eight weeks of rehearsal. Our shows are creator, dancer, & audience funded. The most beautiful part of The Starry Eyed is the collaborative aspect: everyone involved is there because of their good hearts & hard work. The Starry Eyed is alive because of the strong love of dance that we all share.

Our hearts are always open to new opportunities for growth, for connection, for movement, & for creating. There are as many ways to move, live, & grow as there are people in this world!